How to Wholesale Shirts from China

When want to wholesale shirts, you have two options; buy from the wholesalers in your country or import from other countries. The best country to import from is China where there are many manufacturers of shirts. The prices of clothes are more affordable in China and there is a lot of variety. There are many other reasons why you may want to import wholesale shirts from China. No matter what your reasons are, you need to find reliable clothing manufacturers. Here we look at how you can do this. Before we delve into the main topic, here are a few reasons why wholesale shirts are cheaper in China. • Fabric can be easily accessed. • Labor is cheaper. • Mass production has been mastered in China • Clothing manufacturers are organized and refined using the latest technologies.
Now, how to wholesale shirts from China?

1. Research

You need to know what your options are and the only way to do this is through research. Take some time to research and identify some of good clothing manufacturers available in China. The easiest form of research is the one carried out online. Open your preferred search engine and perform a random search with the words “best wholesale shirts suppliers in China”. You will see very many options and from these, you just have to dig deeper to find the right one for you. Look for a good reputation, quality products, affordability, and great customer service in the wholesale shirts suppliers you choose.

2. Talk to Friends and business associates

If you already have friends or family shipping goods from China then you are in luck. Even if they do not deal with shirts suppliers China, you can use the connection they have with China to find a reliable wholesale shirts supplier. They can talk to their contact person on the ground, who can, in turn, connect you with reliable wholesale shirt suppliers. Since they are in the country already and know most of the clothing suppliers, these are the best people to talk to. The information they give is reliable and can be trusted.

3. Trade Shows or Trade Fairs

You need to attend clothing trade shows and trade fairs so you can see clothes businesses at their best. There you will find many wholesale shirts suppliers showing off what they can offer and explaining how they do offer this. If you are just starting clothing business, you will find attending a clothes trade fair to be very useful. Mainly, there are two major trade shows you should have a look at before making your final decision. One is the Canton Fair which is the largest in China and is held twice every year. The Canton Fair is held in Guangzhou which is near HongKong. This trade show is very large with the grounds equivalent to the size of 218 football fields. There are very many clothing vendors and they have samples of their merchandise with them have a feel of this merchandise and talk to them about exporting to your country. Another trade show you should attend is the Global Sources Tradeshow which happens twice a year in Hong Kong. It takes place just before the Canton Fair so you can visit both shows in one visit. There are many exhibitors and you will find many wholesale shirts suppliers and custom made shirts manufacturers to choose from. There are many other clothes trade shows including the East China Fair that happens in Shanghai. No matter what trade show it is that you attend, be ready to walk around and see what different clothing vendors have to offer. Also, be prepared for cultural differences and language barrier. To beat this challenge, hire a friendly translator. These are usually very affordable charging around 15 dollars per day.

4. Trustworthy Sourcing Agencies

If you have no time to go to China and do not know anyone in that country, you need to trust a sourcing agency. There are many sourcing companies that have helped many people buy goods from suppliers in China and import them. When choosing the sourcing agency to trust with your supply, look for transparency in their actions. You should be able to easily track the progress of the goods from the time you order to the time they do get to you. Also look for a good reputation. Do their previous clients trust them? Do they deliver high-quality products? These are very important considerations to bear in mind. Find a good sourcing agency and you will buy wholesale shirts from China without any stress. They will do everything for you and all you need to do is make the payment and let them do all the hard work. You only have to take over when the goods reach your country.