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Some easy gin cocktails to try while you’re stuck at home

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You can serve garnished with something like maraschino cherries or olives if you want but sometimes people prefer their drinks plain so have fun with it.

Craft Gin is the quintessential spirit of summer. Cool,Guest Posting refreshing, and often paired with tonic water or citrusy flavours like lemon or lime, gin is a favourite among many people throughout the world. Gin cocktails are also easy to make at home; just grab your gin-based spirit of choice like Old Bakery Gin, some ice cubes, and flavourings like cucumber slices for an easy gin cocktail that’s perfect for warm weather entertaining!

Some easy craft gin cocktails to try at home include:

- Gin and tonic: one of the most popular gin cocktails in the world, a simple gin and tonic is perfect for when you want something easy but still refreshing. It’s also great to serve at parties! To make it yourself, add two ounces of a good quality gin with three ounces club soda over ice cubes. Top off your glass with half an ounce of lime juice (or lemon if that’s what you prefer) and enjoy!

- The Aviation cocktail: this classic drink was created by Hugo Ensslin back in 1916. He called it This recipe calls for equal quantities of gin and maraschino liqueur with a few dashes of Crème de Violette, but you can use less or more to suit your tastes.

- Gin Rickey: this is another great drink for summertime and was created in the 19th century by Ted Saucier who worked at The Players Club in New York. All you need are two ounces of gin, four ounces of freshly squeezed lime juice (strained), one-ounce simple syrup, ice cubes and soda water to top off. Add everything into a highball glass over ice except for the soda then stir before topping off with some cold fizzy water. You will love sipping this cocktail in the evenings or with some friends on the weekend.

- Tom Collins: this is another common cocktail served up in bars across the world and it was even voted as one of the top five cocktails you should try before you die! This drink uses two ounces of gin, four ounces of freshly squeezed lemon juice (strained), half an ounce simple syrup, ice cubes and soda water to top off. Add everything into a shaker then shake hard before pouring over some fresh ice into a highball glass!

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Benefits of spa treatment:

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The Beauty Kliniek day spa promise is to give you the very best service and care at all times. Ask about our monthly membership program for the ultimate in savings and benefits

Nothing beats a trip to the spa for luxury and relaxation,Guest Posting and at, we’re dedicated to providing our guests with the most lavish and unique pampering experiences possible. We at offering the best waxing San Diego and spa deals San Diego.

De-stressing help:

It goes without saying that going to a spa is an excellent way to unwind and de-stress. A trip to the spa is an excellent way to disconnect from the stresses of regular life and enjoy some much-needed “me time.” Allowing yourself this opportunity to unwind and relax has several advantages, including a clear mind and greater productivity after your treatment!

Aids in anti -aging process:

Many spa treatments can really aid in the prevention of ageing. By stimulating skin cells and moisturizing the skin, facials are believed to help postpone and prevent the formation of wrinkles. Additionally, taking time to relax and de-stress is a fantastic anti-aging treatment in and of itself! It might be difficult to find time for relaxation on a daily basis, but making time for it at the spa can be quite beneficial. We are leading the era of detox day Spa San Diego and San Diego spa packages.

Brings about better sleep:

If you have trouble sleeping, one of the many advantages of a spa trip is that many treatments can assist you get more rest. Massages fully relax your muscles and reduce your blood pressure, all of which lead to a better night’s sleep.

Aids in healing pain:

Exercise, sleeping on an uncaring mattress, and sitting for long amounts of time at a computer are all factors that contribute to general aches and pains in many people. A soothing massage, either whole body or focused on your problem regions, is a fantastic approach to relieve chronic aches by totally relaxing the muscular tissue.

Our Hot Stone Massage, Swedish massage, Deep Muscle Massage, and Muscle Reviver are all excellent for relieving aches and pains. For more details, go to our body massage page!

Helps with spa treatment:

When it comes to the link between spa services and weight reduction, there are a variety of ideas, but many people believe there is one. Hot spa treatments expand the pores of the skin, aid in the removal of impurities, and promote the body to burn calories. Deep tissue massages can also assist the body break down fatty deposits by applying pressure and friction to the skin.

Of course, all of them would need to be used in conjunction with a healthy diet and regular exercise to have a significant impact, but it’s wonderful to know that you’re burning calories and battling cellulite while getting a relaxing massage!

Boosts happiness:

The biological influence of spa treatments on your body, particularly in terms of your happiness levels, is one of the numerous advantages of spa treatments. Massages at the spa are believed to generate serotonin, a happy hormone that helps to boost your mood after your massage! This boost doesn’t simply last after the massage; you might continue to benefit from it for days thereafter.

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Consulting Skills Training Can Improve Your Business

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When most people think of consultants, they think of external consultants. However, a variety of roles within organizations require consultative abilities, such as managers, project managers, business analysts, human resource professionals, sales professionals, and more.

Furthermore, a variety of situations require a leader with strong consultative expertise to help teams reach a solution for a problem, to help strategic planning committees set reasonable goals and objectives, to help groups complete a project, and, occasionally, just to help employees reach their potential. Whether you are a private consultant or an internal consultant, training is a great opportunity to take your facilitation talents to the next level and help your clients achieve the results that they want.

So, what can you expect to learn in sessions? The overall goal of any good course should be to help consultants learn to manage client relationships and achieve results for them. To achieve these goals, you will learn to actively listen and to ask the best questions in helping clients identify their true needs:

  • Communication techniques that fit your style
  • Ways to set appropriate expectations and objectives for clients
  • Strategies for addressing issues and challenges
  • How to deal effectively with both reasonable and unreasonable requests

These lessons (and more) will help you build your own confidence while also helping clients build confidence in your abilities. This, in turn, leads to strong, lasting client relationships.

Strategic planning sessions are ideal opportunities to put both your facilitation and consulting skills to the test. These committees, typically comprised of C-level executives and organization stakeholders, often request the assistance of an external professional trainer because a meeting leader who can be as objective as possible throughout such sessions is ideal. Since these meetings are designed to help organizations define their annual and/or long-term business goals and strategies, a confident consultant who can help leaders come to a consensus is not only essential to the process, this person is an invaluable business resource.

As mentioned earlier, strategic planning sessions are not the only environments where expertise in these areas comes in handy. When choosing a professional training course or workshop, consider the abilities that you are looking to gain or improve upon from the workshop. There are countless classes available-from general courses that improve your basic abilities to specialized ones, such as strategic planning facilitation training.

In addition to considering your own talents when choosing a course, consider the abilities and practical experience of your trainer. Consider the difference: you sign up for a course or workshop taught by a seasoned, professional consultant with real-world experience. Or you take a course at a local community college or university taught by a professor of organizational psychology with limited real-world experience. The decision you make could be decisive in your professional career.

The need for consulting skills training can be found at virtually any level of an organization. Choosing solid experienced, professional education for yourself or your employees can make identifying and achieving your business goals a process that is not only manageable but rewarding. Those rewards extend to personal, professional – and financial improvement in your bottom line.

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Top 5 Reasons to Use a Franchise Consultant

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If you’re seriously considering franchising, perhaps you have a plan of surfing the net or reading some popular franchise magazines in order to find the one best suited for you. Or maybe you try to make this analogy: ”I buy everything else on the internet these days, so I’m sure I can locate the franchise of my dreams there, too”. Sure, the web is clearly a wealth of information on every topic imaginable. But while it’s a great place to shop for a pair of gold earrings or a new cardigan sweater, it’s a lousy place to conduct an effective franchise search.  Trying to find your ideal franchise using this strategy will, at best, completely overwhelm and frustrate you.

Most franchise seekers have absolutely no idea of what is involved in carrying out a thorough franchise investigation on their own. Aside from the financial investment, there is a substantial time commitment to consider. Try conducting this search alone and you’ll see what I mean. 

An experienced franchise consultant can effectively and efficiently streamline the entire search process for you, sparing you all the aggravation and headaches mentioned above. 

A franchise consultant is a recruiter for the franchise industry and a trusted source of solid business opportunities. He helps to clearly identify an appropriate franchise vehicle through the process of effective qualifying, matching, and presenting. 

There are several major advantages and benefits to using the services of a seasoned franchise consultant. Here are just 5:

The entire service is free to you, the candidate. The consultant is paid by the franchisor for referring a qualified individual, both financially and professionally, who ultimately purchases a franchise.

The consultant has pre-screened hundreds of top franchises for you. Only the ones that meet the highest of standards will be presented to you. Top new and established opportunities are added regularly.

A complete professional and personal profile is designed. Your consultant pinpoints the perfect opportunity for you based on your interests, talents, background, and goals. 

Professional introduction to the franchisor. After you are presented with an opportunity that excites you and that you want to pursue, your consultant ‘takes you to the front of the line’ and makes the introduction between you, the candidate, and the franchisor. The franchisor will respect you immediately, knowing that you, the candidate, are both qualified and ready to move forward.

One of the most annoying aspects the franchisor deals with is tire kickers. They despise having to answer phone calls from less than serious, under-qualified people asking stupid questions about their franchise model. It is very welcoming to have a top-notch candidate referred to them by a franchise consultant who asks intelligent, engaging questions.

Thorough education provided on investment options and types of ownership. Most franchise seekers aren’t aware of the costs involved in purchasing a specific franchise, and the consultant offers vast insight into the various types of franchises and their investment requirements. He can also suggest financing options that were never considered.

As you can clearly see, all three parties-the franchise seeker, the franchisor, and the consultant-win in this very productive business relationship. Unless you are absolutely positive about the specific franchise you wish to pursue (and are fully qualified in every way), it would be a big mistake to not utilize the free services of an experienced franchise consultant.

Register for your Free Franchise Consultation  The Franchising Authority will help you find your perfect franchise!

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